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Fridge Repairs Newcastle

Fridges can often get neglected and develop problems - if your fridge isn't in prime condition, then neither is your food. To get any issues rectified with your fridge and get it back into sparkling form, we suggest you contact the appliance repairs team here at 0800 Repair Newcastle for an appointment in Newcastle today!

We have the repairs team who can carry out Smeg fridge repairs to a high standard; Logik fridge repairs with an uncompromised level of skill; Hotpoint fridge repairs to an unrivalled standard of professionalism and the same can certainly be said for other brands such as Hoover, Zanssi and many more.

A lot can go wrong which would then require fridge repairs, some of the common issues we see include:

  • Strange noises
  • Food is being frozen
  • Water accumulation in the fridge
  • Electrical problems/tripping

With expertise and experience relating to almost every brand and every problem that can occur, the 0800 Repair Newcastle team can carry out great repairs for you from fridge repairs to washing machine repairs! If you live in Newcastle and need an appointment as soon as possible, perhaps today, then contact us this minute!

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Services That We Can Offer:

  • Replacement Doors
  • Interior Light Replacements
  • Replacement Handles
  • Faulty Thermostats
  • Fan Motor Replacements
  • Cooling Faults
  • All Repairs Fixed